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How to build a successful live video marketing plan?
26 May 2020

How to build a successful live video marketing plan?

In the ever-evolving digital economy, marketers always need to be ready with solutions that can provide customers the feel of being cared about, with their ‘needs’ being well thought of and worked upon, even before they themselves fell the need.

Building marketing plans, strategies, channels, funnels to approach the customers in the most effective way possible, is every marketer’s dilemma. Using videos for creating awareness and boosting the viewers buying decision is one of the most trusted communication medium opted by marketers.

More excitingly, the way to present your latest promo campaign deals, details and offers by going live or broadcasting is 1 step-ahead than other promo channels and hits the target in a more distinctive manner.

Facebook launched the feature of streaming live videos in 2016, since then this promotion channel has gained immense popularity with marketers. To reap the maximum benefits by implementing a live video marketing concept, a marketer must keep these important considerations in mind,

  • Keep your target audience informed, way ahead

    – Yes, if you are about to have a live video session for your brand, the same should be conveyed well in advance to your target audience. A prior invitation stating the details of the event to occur, can not only attract more people but would also enable them to schedule their day’s priorities accordingly.
  • Do your exercise

    – Have in-depth knowledge about your brand. The product dimensions, the brand’s culture, glory and every detail that would create a difference. What would your brand be offering through the campaign, benefits that would be enjoyed by the customer, you need to be aware of the minutest of information that would be shared during the live video.

Social stats Video of a live event increases brand favorability by 63% (Twitter, 2016).

  • Focus on capturing maximum engagement

    – Speak out to your audience, respond to them by referring to them by name, develop a comfort zone, listen to their experiences, and share your brand’s vision. Appreciate comments, likes, and shares. For the audience that missed the live event, would view the same as a regular video feed. Encourage them to share their thoughts and work out those suggestions. The video must be crafted for the customer and all for the customers’ benefit.
  • Verify the technical aspects beforehand

    – Checkout the internet bandwidth sources, lightening, camera and all set-up issues. Get ready with alternatives for any technical hindrances that could affect the live streaming. Ensure everything is in sync with making the live video event a true success. Test the quality across different devices and platforms, don’t compromise on viewability.
  • Work out the costs involved

    – Calculate all the costs that would be incurred on the event. Managing costs is an essential step while chalking out any marketing and promotional activities.
  • Don’t forget to Monetize through the live video event

    – The sales funnel should be aptly defined and merged with the video marketing plan. The prospects should be directed to make a purchase. Display your brands and product information aptly.

Video marketing can help build a lasting relationship with the customers and convert them into brand loyalists. Videos are no doubt the best and fastest in converting ROI. A whole lot of stats prove the success ratio of including videos in your marketing campaigns.

“73% of B2B marketers say that video positively impacts marketing ROI” (Tubular Insights, 2015)

Wishing you success for your next video marketing campaign. Keep progressing!


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